AOA: Formation & Principles

In April 1996 Pakistan played host to the International Conference of Asian Ombudsmen wherein 40 delegates from 18 countries unanimously decided to form the Asian Ombudsman Association (AOA). The guiding principles as decided in the conference were: (1)     The Association shall be non-political, democratic and professional. (2)     A Member shall be a person, whether titled […]

The General Assembly meeting of the AOA

Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad Sahibzada chaired the meeting of the General Assembly. The General Assembly in its meeting held on 24th May 2002, approved and ratified the following recommendations and decisions taken by the Board of Directors: Approved the draft Code of Conduct of Business of the AOA. Approved the revised Bye-Laws of the AOA. Extended […]

Bureau of Administrative Inspection

The Bureau of Administrative Inspection and Control came into existence in 1992 with the approval of Statute No. (55) for the year 1992 in order to develop the administrative procedures and performance of the Governmental ministries and departments. The Main Objectives and Missions of the Bureau are as follows: 1.      To ensure that the ministries […]

Korean Ombudsman

After reviewing the report from the ombudsman, you can spend some of your time playing casino games at You will enjoy the experience. The purpose of the Korean Ombudsman is to redress or resolve complaints and grievances of the people caused by illegal or unfair administrative measures. It is organized as an independent committee […]

Ordinary Judicial System

Iraq has dual judicial system, namely “Ordinary Judicial System” and “Administrative Judicial System”. Administrative Judiciary is concerned with the redressal of complaints of the citizens. This Administrative Judiciary may, otherwise, be called as the Institution of Ombudsman, as it has been protected and provided for by the law of the Consultative Assembly of the State. […]

The Office of the Federal Tax Ombudsman

The Office of the Federal Tax Ombudsman was established by Establishment of the Office of Federal Tax Ombudsman Ordinance, 2000 promulgated by the President on 11.8.2000. Object: “To diagnose, investigate, redress and rectify any injustice done to a person through mal-administration by functionaries administering tax laws”. The term “mal-administration” includes: (i)                 a decision, process, recommendation, […]

Ministry of Supervision

Since the very beginning of the founding of new China, the Chinese government, in pursuing its fundamental aim of serving the people wholeheartedly, has always been making the promotion of honest and accountable administration. The first supervisory organisation, the People’s Supervisory Commission was established as early as in October 1949 under the state Government Administration […]

Inspectorate Organisation

Rules for constituting General Inspectorate Organisation of the Islamic Republic of Iran were passed and ratified in 1982 by the Islamic Consultative Assembly. The scope of the jurisdiction of the General Inspectorate Organisations been so assigned. A-        “Constant controlling and supervising all the ministries, administration, military forces, police, state run institutions and companies, municipalities and […]

Historical Background

he institution of Ombudsman was set up in the Province of Punjab in September 1996.  The Ombudsman’s institution has been accorded statutory permanence by the Government in the form of enactment in June 1997. Functions As per preamble of Act X of 1997, the Office of Ombudsman has been established for protection of the rights […]